Pocoloco triatlon @Roeselare

Nicolas Vélotourism

On June 2nd (2019), I participated in the Pocoloco triatlon as a test. It was only my second triatlon in over 4 years, it was extremely hot (+30 degrees Celcius) and it was a sprint triatlon: 700m swimming, 20k cycling and 5k running. So I did not expect a great result. The swimming went quite well. I do have to get used to the pushy starts again though. During the cycling part I knew I was not performing well, I was only pushing 275watts on average instead of the >350 watt average that I am supposed to push. I was really disappointed to see that I became 7th in the cycling part, only 30 seconds after the first one, as I know I normally should have been able to take the first place in that discipline. The 5k run went ok. I was a little dehydrated but was still able to win some extra places and finish as 36th overall (there were >200 participants). Looking forward to the next challenge!

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