About Us

We want education to be available to all.

We Are Your Favourite, Social Venture.

VéloTourism wants to organise journeys to empathise to India with a cycling element incorporated in the journey. With the revenues of those journeys, we initially want to cover the school fees of children that are not able to finance their school journey.


If the project were a success we hope to create the first of its kind universally deployable foldable school. In that way we would be able to provide qualitative digital education in the most remote arreas, thanks to renewable energy.

€ 200,00 = 1 child

With € 200,00 we can fund the school fees of one child for one year.


This project is founded by Nicolas after he went to India back in 2013 with his high school on a journey to empathise.

Foldable Schools

To develop a foldable school with renewable energy sources would allow us to provide qualitative, digital education in the most remote areas.

Right Now

Currently we are still raising our budgets by selling our own clothing, sports nutrition and you can also place a bet.

Meet Our Team


Julie Sap

Athlete and Sales


Best Quality Clothing and Sports Nutrition

Bioracer is offering the best quality clothing, which is also sustainably produced! They support the world greatest athletes: the Belgian, the Dutch and the German cycling Tealm!

Sanas is offering the best sports nutrition since 1985! All products are scientificaly supported and are good for stomach and digestion. 

If Covid will allow it, Nicolas will participate in the IronMan of Barcelona. You can place bets on his finishing time. The closest time wins a stay in Calpe!


Shipping to Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK.

Best Quality

Both our Bioracer clothing and our Sanas Sports nutrition is of the best quality! No compromisses!

Best Offers

Look at our website for special deals, subscribe for extra discount codes and join our awesome events.

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